Straight Dog Grooming Scissors

Choosing the right tools for any job is important, but this sentiment could not be truer than when grooming a dog.  Many types of scissors and clippers are available on the market, and it can be difficult to determine which style is best for your grooming arsenal. If your dog’s coat requires regular grooming attention, a good pair of straight dog grooming scissors should be the first item that you purchase.

straight dog grooming scissors

Straight scissors cut straight edges.  Unlike household scissors which have a slanted blade and can be difficult to appropriately angle for even cuts, straight scissors are comprised of two sharp, straight blades.  When used on fur, the straight scissor design makes a distinguished straight edge cut. 

Straight scissors are versatile.  Straight scissors can be used for all types of grooming needs, from quick touch-up trimming to prep work for a larger job.  Used for finishing, shaping, and patterning, the versatility of these scissors makes them an indispensible tool for pet owners.

Straight scissors can be used to remove matted clumps of fur.  When you notice your long-haired dog has a mat in his or her fur, straight scissors are the best tool for removal.

Straight scissors are necessary for face grooming.  Most pet-owners prefer clean lines around their dog’s face, which makes straight scissors the ideal tool for the job.  Straight scissors should always be used for trimming muzzles and around eyes.   

Use straight scissors to trim under and around paws.  For dogs that tend to have excess paw hair, straight scissors should be used to create a clean and polished look.  It is also important to keep the hair beneath a dog’s paws short in order to avoid discomfort. 

Straight scissors are perfect for trimming tails.  To ensure your dog’s tail has the correct shape for his or her breed, you should use a pair of straight scissors for utmost control patterning control. 

Straight dog grooming scissors are ideal for:

• cutting off matted sections of fur
• cutting a straight line across the face
• trimming along the tail

Micio Micia Straight Dog Grooming Scissors

When purchasing such an important tool for your dog-grooming needs, you should take care to make the best investment.  Micio Micia Straight Dog Grooming Scissors are ideal because of their durability, comfort, and precision handling. 

These scissors have a unique ergonomic wave handle design, which means they will fit comfortably into your hand without feeling awkward or uncomfortable.  The eye rings are lined with non slip padded rubber that provides an extra level of comfort and protection for your fingers and hand during long grooming sessions. 

These scissors are crafted for performance and durability with sharp stainless steel blades that are perfect for precision jobs.  The tension of the scissors is also adjustable, which is ideal for the advanced at-home groomer who is looking to achieve the ultimate grooming experience for his or her pet. 

Not only are our Micio Micia Straight Dog Grooming Scissors affordable, but they are also backed by a one year guarantee. 


straight pet scissors


  • Total length 7 inches (17.5cm)
  • Blade length 3 inches (7.5cm)


  • Total length 8 inches (20cm)
  • Blade length 3.75inches (9.5cm)
  • Sharp, durable stainless-steel blades for precision cutting
  • Ergonomically-designed TPR rubber wave style handle
  • Non-slip rubber padded eye rings for finger grip and comfort
  • Tension adjustable stainless steel screw


straight dog scissors