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The Amazon reviews are in and everyone is happy! Take a read and click the links to go directly to the reviews on Amazon.


Ergonomic Dog Grooming Scissors

These great little scissors are very well made, high quality and a great value for your money.I use them on my very active 7 month old Maltese, “child with fur”. They’re very sharp but the rounded point is a huge safety factor. Definitely would recommend them.  Go to the Amazon Review

This is the first time that I’ve used these scissors and it “won’t” be the last time. These are absolutely the sharpest scissors that I’ve ever used, nice size and I LOVE the blunt tip, they’re “awesome”. I would absolutely recommend that anybody that wants a really good pair of scissors to get these. Keep in mind, that I have only used them once so far. I will update this review after using them for a longer period of time. So far they are great! Go to the Amazon Review

Curved Dog Grooming Scissors

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I freshened up Louie’s puppy cut the day these came and used these on his feet and face and they work perfectly! I was very pleased with the quality of the scissor and the blades are nice and sharp and breezed right through his coat. I would recommend these to anyone who grooms their pet at home and I plan to buy my mom a couple pairs of these to try out in her shop to see if they stand up to more heavy use. For the price, I highly recommend them. The thumb and finger grips are nice and comfortable if you do a lot of scissor work, which I tend to be a perfectionist and do my Yorkie’s head in entirety with scissors and his feet and legs as well, so I do a good amount and these did not aggravate my fingers and were pretty comfortable to use for the whole time. You won’t be displeased. Go to the Amazon Review

Dog Thinning Scissors

These work really well! They are very sharp, so be careful. One blade is perforated allowing you to cut some of the hair, not all of it. It blends very well and sort of gives your dog layers. I know these will come in very handy in the summer time! They are high quality, have grips on the handles, are easy to use, and were delivered the same day!

Pros: cuts the hair well, creates layers so it doens’t trim your dog completely or give him a buzz, but leaves the hair thinner and more manageable.
Cons: can’t think of anything. Exactly as described.  Go to the Amazon Review


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Making sure you and your pooch are satisfied is our No.1 concern. As much as we would like to believe that our scissors are perfect for every dog owner, we know on the odd occasion a customer won’t be 100% happy with our dog grooming scissors. That is why we go out of our way to make sure we get feedback from our customers. And if a customer feels our scissors haven’t met their expectations we will happily refund. This is our satisfaction guarantee we offer to you.