Getting the Most From Your dog Thinning Shears

If you ask most groomers, they’ll probably tell you that dog thinning shears are one of their favourite (and most valuable) tools. Many home groomers seem to shy away from investing in a pair because they don’t understand the use of them is.

Dog thinning shears are designed so that only some hair is removed with each cut, creating a softer line than the blunt cut of a solid blade. Micio Micia thinning shears are inexpensive, high quality, stainless steel shears that can help you turn your so-so grooming job into a masterpiece. Micio Micia thinning shears are a solid investment that will last many years when used for home grooming. 

dog thinning shears

Dog Thinning Shears – Your Magic Eraser

We all make mistakes, especially when trying to carefully groom a tail-wagging, wiggly, furry beast. One of the best features of thinning shears is that they work perfectly as an eraser, allowing you to blend in many little mishaps.

When using straight or curved shears, cutting the hair on certain angles will result in a very blunt, obvious line. Use your thinning shears to go over these lines and blend them in, giving a much gentler, more natural appearance. If you use a clipper, the blades will sometimes cause ‘tracking lines’ in the coat, if you are not following the lay of the hair. These can be smoothed out by gently brushing the hair up, away from the skin, and very lightly going over the ends of the fur. This will only work with longer blade lengths, or guard combs. If you try it while using a short blade you may accidentally end up with bald spots, or you could pinch your dog’s skin so be extra cautious.

Tidy Long, Thin Coats

If you own a breed with thin hair, like a Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, or Morkie, and you like to keep it long, thinning shears are the perfect scissors to keep their coat tidy and natural looking. Brush all their hair straight up from their back, snip once with the thinning shears about half an inch down from the end of the hair shaft, and then trim the ends lightly.  Repeat this process, moving down the dog’s back, then brush the hair back down into its natural lay and tidy any edges sticks out.

Tame a Natural Coat

For any natural coated dog, including Golden Retrievers, Pomeranians, Border Collies or other medium to long length coats, thinning shears are the perfect scissor to keep them tidy without making them look overly groomed. Use your thinning shears to shorten the hair on their feet and backs of their legs. This makes them look neater, and less hair means less mess in your house!

You can also use your thinning shears to gently tidy and shorten behind and around their ears, if they tend to get mats there. Just be careful of the skin; if they are already matted in the area then slide a flat metal comb under the mat, and cut carefully between the comb and mat so that you decrease the chances of catching the skin.


Dog thinning shears are also a very helpful tool when dematting. Since the teeth will only cut some hairs, you can cut directly in to matted sections of hair to help loosen them up and make them easier to brush out. Just take a small section of matted hair and snip in to it a few times, being very careful not to catch the skin. Then use a metal brush and comb to gently work the mat out. If it doesn’t come out entirely, repeat the process. This technique is gentle enough that most dogs will allow it to be done.

If your dog is very matted, do a section of the body then give the dog a break, spreading the process over a few days if necessary. While this can be very time consuming, it may save you from having to completely shave your dog.