Dog Thinning Scissors

Clippers and straight shears will often leave a choppy look resulting in a unprofessional groom. Quality dog thinning scissors help produce that finishing touch to leave your pet’s coat looking smooth and natural. For the professional and home groomer alike, dog thinning scissors are an indispensable tool.

dog thinning scissors

Dog Thinning Scissors – Say Goodbye To That Choppy Look

Thinning scissors or blending shears even out the “choppy” look left behind by straight scissors and electric clippers to produce a neat, professional look.

A hybrid tool consisting of a standard scissor blade and a serrated tooth blade, dog thinning shears are generally used to thin out coats to leave your dog with a smooth flowing coat. They are typically used after styling with straight scissors to even out spots and thin out fur. Unlike straight shears, thinning shears won’t leave any sharp define lines in your dogs coat.

Thinning shears are also ideal for dogs that have a full coat or think fur. The shears teeth thin out fur that’s too thick, and break up matted fur, letting you remove the matted fur without leaving a bald spot.

thinning scissors for dogs

dog grooming scissors amazon


Ideal For Grooming Dog Ears

Thinning scissors are ideal for “tipping” or defining the shape of a dog’s ear. The shears can define the area around the ears without taking too much hair off and can be brought closer to the ear without fear of injury or spooking the dog.

Dog thinning scissors can also be used to shape the face, in particular around the eye and jaw, without the risk of injury that straight scissors can cause.

Novice groomers are also advised to practice shaping with the blending scissors before starting on the straight scissors as you can blend in your strokes as you go, getting the feel of the process as well as getting a less choppy result.

Micio Micia Dog Thinning Scissors

A good pair of thinning shears should cut well causing no discomfort to the pet or fatigue to the groomer. They should be sharp, lightweight and comfortable to hold. Like all our dog grooming scissors, our thinning shears have an ergonomic wave grip and padded eye rings, making them very comfortable to use.




dog grooming scissors amazon



  • Total length 7 inches (17.5cm)
  • Blade length 3 inches (7.6cm)
  • Sharp, durable stainless-steel hybrid shears for coat blending and thinning
  • 26 tooth stainless steel serrated blade  
  • Ergonomically-designed TPR rubber wave style handle
  • Non-slip rubber padded eye rings for finger grip and comfort 
  • Tension adjustable stainless steel screw

Our Micio Micia hybrid dog thinning shears have 26 teeth on the comb blade, making them excellent general-purpose thinning shears.

With our unique contoured ergonomic wave handle and padded eye rings, these thinning shears are a joy to use, and are suitable for both  right- and left-handed users.

The blades have blunt ends for safety, and are made from rust resistant stainless steel.

You can adjust the cutting action of the blades with a simple tightening or un-tightening of the hinge screw to suit your preference and cutting style.

Like all our products, these thinning shears are sold exclusively on and backed by a 1-year warranty and 100% money-back guarantee.


dog grooming scissors amazon