Caring For Your Dog Grooming Shears

Dog grooming shears do not have to cost you hundreds of dollars to be a good investment. Micio Micia dog shears are inexpensive, but made of high quality stainless steel, which is durable and will not rust.  They come with a two year guarantee against manufacturing defects, so with proper care your dog grooming scissors will last you many years.

Whether it is thinning shears, curved shears or straight shears, we’ve gathered together some of our best tips to ensure you get the most from your equipment:

Tips To Get The Most Out of  Your Dog Shears

Do not use your grooming shears for anything other than cutting hair. The blade is specifically designed for this purpose, so using it to cut harder objects can damage the blade,  while using it to cut softer material, like paper or ribbons, will dull the serrated edge.

Always handle your dog grooming scissors with care. Be careful not to drop them or throw them down too roughly. If you are working on a hard surface it may be helpful to lay down a yoga mat or other rubber under footing, so that if you do accidentally drop your scissors they will not be falling directly onto a solid surface. The rubber surface will also provide better traction for you, as loose hair can make some tiled surfaces excessively slippery.

Keep Your Grooming Area Free

While grooming, make sure you keep your work area clear of equipment when you’re not using it. If you are working on a table, have a separate table nearby to keep your scissors and other tools on. If you put your scissors down on your grooming surface your dog may accidentally step on it or kick it off, which could result in a cut to your dog or damage to your scissors.

If your scissors are not moving easily, they made need to have the tension adjusted. If you hold the lower handle, the other blade should be easy to move with one finger, but it should not swing loose. If it feels difficult to open the scissors, loosen the tension adjusting screw a quarter turn at a time until they move easily. If the hair is bending between the blades instead of cutting, or the blades fall open too easily, tighten the tension adjuster screw a quarter turn at a time until they cut the hair.

Storing Your Dog Grooming Shears

Your scissors should be carefully stored when not in use so they do not get knocked around. Don’t keep them loose in a drawer. There are many good storage options available, including scissor cases or magnetic wall racks, which will keep your scissors secure and prevent them from banging against each other or other objects. 

Cleaning Your Dog Grooming Shears

After each use wipe any loose hairs, dirt or debris off your scissors. A small piece of scrape leather works best, as the scissors won’t cut through it, and it will remove any microscopic burrs that occur naturally from metal rubbing against metal, however any soft fabric will do.

After any debris has been removed, apply a few drops of scissor oil to the tensioner and blade surface. Use only oil specifically designed for scissors. If you bought a clipper and blades, do not use the oil that comes with them, as they are designed specifically to reduce friction and heat, and the chemicals in them are too harsh to use on scissors since they will damage the plastic in the handles. Wipe any excess oil from the blade before returning them to storage.

Caring for your scissors properly does not require a lot of extra work, but it will ensure that your shears are in top condition for the life of them. If you have any questions about how to best care for your new Micio Micia scissors feel free to contact us.