Dog Grooming Scissor Set

Are you a professional dog groomer or home groomer looking for an affordable dog grooming scissor set?

Our ergonomic dog grooming scissors are an affordable easy solution ideal for the busy professional groomer or the home groomer wanting to do touch ups between salon visits.

Dog Grooming Scissor Set

dog grooming scissors setOur dog grooming set consists of

  • a 2″ blade, 6 inch ball tipped pair of scissors
  • a 3″ blade, 7 inch shears

Small 2″ blade, 6 inch shears

The smaller 6 inch ball tipped safety scissors are perfect for trimming your  dog’s face and paws. Our ball tipped scissors are light, comfortable to hold and most importantly safe for you to use. The blades are sharp, but the ends are ball tipped removing the concern of accidentally stabbing your loveable pooch.

Medium 3″ blade, 7 inch shears

Our straight scissors can be used for all types of grooming needs, from quick touch-up trimming to prep work for a larger job.  Used for finishing, shaping, and patterning, the versatility of these scissors makes them an must have tool for professional groomers and pet owners.

Straight dog grooming scissors are ideal for:

• cutting off matted sections of fur
• cutting a straight line across the face
• trimming along the tail
• coat styling

Ergonomically designed for safety, superior comfort and control these professional dog grooming set make coat shaping and cutting around the eye brows and in between pads a breeze.

With super sharp micro-serrated stainless steel blades you can through the thickest fur and the toughest tangles – no catching or painful pulling of hair. And the blunt and round tipped ends give you peace of mind and confidence to cut around the sensitive areas such as the face, paws and pads .

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dog grooming scissor set


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