Dog Accessories Your Puppy Needs In Their New Home

Getting a puppy is an exciting time for both the family and pooch involves. Preparing your home with dog accessories for your new puppy’s needs will help them adjust to their new life of living with you.

Quality Food

The best thing you can provide to any puppy, dog or pet is healthy high quality food. We all know dogs love food, and that they’ll just about eat anything. Providing them with a healthy diet will add years on to their life and save you money with vet bills you won’t have to pay. So, after arriving to their new home, provide your new puppy will high-quality pet food.

Essential Dog Accessories

Pet Bowls

Your pooch will need a feeding dish and a separate water bowl, both made preferably of unbreakable material. I recommend those two in one type of dog bowls that have a stainless steel inner dish and a melamine base you can find on amazon. Try an find one with the anti-slip base to prevent upturned meals.


dog accessories

Feeding Mat

A feeding mat is also a good ideal. Dogs do tend to make a dog’s breakfast out of all their meals. A feeding mat will make life easier for you. They also make for a great snack and dry food area.I recommend these dog feeding mats which you can buy on Amazon – they they have a raised edge and washing machine safe.


dog mat

Collar and Leash

It goes without saying that your puppy will need a collar. Get an adjustable collar that fits him or her comfortably, not one to be grown into. It is very important that the collar is of an appropriate weight and type for their size. You should have your collar and leash prepared for when you pick up your pet. Again you can go on Amazon to find an interesting assortment of collars, leads and even harnesses which you can choose from.

Grooming Tools

Next, you will need grooming tools that are suitable for your puppy’s breed and type of coat. If you puppy has a long coat then you will need dog grooming scissors, a comb or brush and a quality shampoo. You’ll also need nail clippers.

ball tipped dog grooming scissors



You should have a few toys to welcome your pooch into his or her new home. Toys will help make your puppy feel comfortable in his new surroundings and will keep him busy for hours.

One of the best toys can actually beef bone, either rib, leg, or knuckle, cut to an appropriate size for your puppy. Not are they cheap and natural, but they are absolutely safe and provide a great for the teething period, helping to get the baby teeth quickly out of the way with no problems.

An alternative is a nylon bone, one that does not chip or splinter and that “frizzles” as the puppy chews. Nylon bones can provide a healthful gum massage. US made Rawhide chews are also safe.

Things To Avoid

Avoid any dog accessories or toys made from plastics and any sort of rubber, particularly those with squeakers to which the puppy can easily remove and swallow. Also, don’t use any toys or balls not made specifically for dogs.

One of the most popular items owners give their dogs is a ball. It is easy to understand why,they are an affordable and great way to give your pooch exercise and enjoyment. If you want a ball for the puppy to use when playing with him, select one of very hard construction made for this purpose and do not leave it alone with him because he may chew it off and swallow bits of the rubber. Take the ball with you when the game is over.

This also applies to some of those “tug of war” type rubber toys which are fun when used with the two of you for that purpose but again should not be left behind for the dog to work on with his teeth. Pieces of swallowed rubber, squeakers, and other such foreign articles can wreak great havoc in the intestinal tract, so do all you can to guard against them.

Lots of Love

Remember, it is not all about dog accessories. The best thing you can provide your new puppy is lots of positive reinforcement, interaction and exercise. Give your pooch some love and it will come back to you in spades.