Curved Dog Grooming Scissors

Curved dog grooming scissors are ideal to use as finishing scissors, both for sculpting the body after it has been clipped or for trimming around the face and paws. If you take a good look at your dog, do you see many straight lines? From the curve of the head, into the neck, back, down in to the chest, sides, and bum, a dog’s body isn’t made up of straight lines, so why always use straight scissors? Curved dog scissors make it easy to trim along the natural lines of your dog’s body, legs, paws, face and ears.

If you’ve never used them before they may seem more intimidating than smaller or straight scissors, but once you get used to them they may become your new favourite tool!


Many home groomers (and even novice professional groomers) think they will be difficult to use, but it takes only a short while to get comfortable with them, and the uses for them are endless. And since they can be flipped to trim either a concave or convex cut, they are versatile and will save you time in completing your finishing work, as well as improving the overall finished look. The longer blade length allows for more efficient cuts, and also allows you to trim through thicker coats with no issue.

Downward Curved Dog Grooming Scissors

Downward curved blade scissors are designed to curve gently along the length of the blade, allowing easier shaping of your dog’s coat.  Since the arched blades follow the contours of the dog’s body it gives a much softer, more natural look then the blunter line of longer, straight shears. This works especially nicely when trimming along the underside, into the tuck up area, and defining the dog’s waist. Making small adjustments to the scissoring of the tuck up can have a big impact on the overall appearance of the dog. Conformation groomers will often adjust the trimming of the tuck up to enhance a dog’s best features, or to help camouflage some faults. This works for pets too! For example, trimming a more noticeable tuck up on a well-coated, chubby pup can make for an instantly slimmer look.


curved dog scissors

dog grooming scissors amazon


Curved dog grooming scissors are also used for top knot styling for breeds like Poodles or Doodles. The slight bend of the blade makes forming the rounded top knot much easier. Any dog who is trimmed with a rounded look to the head will benefit from the use of curved scissors, including Shih Tzu’s, Yorkies and Westies.

Similarly, on a breed like the Bichon Frise, which is meant to have a very well sculpted derrière, the rounded form is much easier to create with a rounded blade than it would be with straight scissors. They also create a cuter angle when used along the bottom edge of long, grown out ear hair, as opposed to just a blunt cut straight across.

Curved dog grooming scissors are a suitable grooming tool for any dog that requires trimming. On natural coated breeds, that don’t require full haircuts, they are great for trimming hair on the feet, both around the edges of the foot, and all the extras hair that sticks up between the toes.  They also work great for tidying up extra fluff on the hindquarters, just flip them so the angle of the scissors matches the angle of your dog’s bum and trim as much or as little off as you want.

Adding Micio Micia curved scissors to your toolbox can be an inexpensive way to improve the quality and efficiency of your grooms, so why not give them a try?

Micio Micia Curved Dog Grooming Scissors

Like all our dog grooming scissors, our curve scissors come with and ergonomic handle, making it easy to cut and at the same time reducing hand fatigue.


  • Total length 8 inches (19.5cm)
  • Blade length 3.75inches (9.5cm)
  • Sharp, durable stainless-steel blades for precision cutting
  • Ergonomically-designed TPR rubber wave style handle
  • Non-slip rubber padded eye rings for finger grip and comfort 
  • Tension adjustable stainless steel screw


curved dog grooming scissors

dog grooming scissors amazon