Bathing Your Dog at Home

Let’s face it. Dogs may be man’s best friend, but unfortunately for us, they don’t have the grooming habits of a cat. We all know that dogs love to run a muck, and are quite happy to dirty themselves in the pursuit of a bouncing ball or in the hunt of a garden predator or when they are chasing a scent.
As a reasonable owner, you should be  grooming  and bathing your dog regularly. Not all of us can afford to pamper our pooch with salon visits, so it is up to us to play the role of dog groomer. We should keep in mind that proper hygiene practices are important for keeping your pooch healthy. It is very import to keep your dog’s coat parasite free to prevent skin infections and irritation.

Steps To Bathing Your Dog

1.Prepare the bathtub and the bath supplies that you will use in bathing your dog. Many dogs don’t like the baths and using know what’s coming, so preparation is key. Make sure you have everything ready including lots of old towels, dog shampoo, a bucket, and a hair dryer. Dogs respond best to positive reinforcement, so speak to your pooch with love and show some affection.

2.After you have gathered these bath supplies, bring your dog to the bathroom. Pat them and make them comfortable. Make sure you test water temperature  – a warm soothing temperature is recommended.

3. Bathe them in the tub by using a bucket to splash water over their body. You can also use a hose with a sprayer on the end that you can connect to a faucet.

4. Use medicated shampoos to combat fleas and ticks. You can also use organic shampoos if your  dog has sensitive skin. Never use dish soaps or your own shampoo because as they can cause painful skin irritations.

6. Once your pooch is wet and ready, apply the shampoo and massage it in. Take care to make sure the shampoo doesn’t get into their eyes. Rinse the shampoo out and repeat.

6. Pat dry them using a towel first. Wipe their paws gently. Give extra attention to their ears, for any moisture cam lead to wax and bacteria build up that can lead to ear infections.

8. If your dog has a long hairy coats, you can use a hair dryer. A dryer is likely to scare your dog, so show them it first and set it to the lowest setting. Keep the dryer at least 6 inches aways from your dog’s coat. Make sure you check the temperature. Continue drying until their coat is almost completely dry. Then brush through their hair gently.
After a bath is a great time to groom your pooch, and trim of any matted hair and shorten or thin out their coat. Quality grooming scissors are recommended, such as our own dog thinning scissors and curved dog grooming scissors.

Bathing  your pooch can be a positive experience with the right preparation and tools.