Ball Tipped Dog Grooming Scissors

Trimming your dog’s face can sometimes be difficult and dangerous, particularly if your dog finds it hard to remain still. Puppies and young dogs may find their first facial trim very disconcerting. Ball tipped dog grooming scissors are the ideal solution.

As you would expect, care needs to be taken when trimming the face, especially around the eyes, ears and mouth area. Blunt or ball tipped scissors protect you pooch from accidental stabs and cuts.

Micio Mica Ball Tipped Dog Grooming Scissors

Our ball tipped scissors are light, comfortable to hold and most importantly safe for you to use. The blades are sharp, but the ends are ball tipped removing the concern of accidentally stabbing your loveable pooch.

Our lightweight 6 inch pet grooming shears make coat finishing and touch-ups a breeze. With durable rust free stainless-steel blades, these blades will serve your pet well and last you for years.

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Micro Serrated Blades

Like all our scissors, the blades have micro-serrated edges that grip fine hairs to produce a clean cut every time.

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With non-slip rubber padded eye rings, a pinky finger rest and our unique fatigue reducing ergonomic wave handle design, you’ll have no trouble grooming your pet’s ears, beard, moustache and around the eyes.


The Ergonomic Wave Handle – Designed For Safety, Superior Comfort and Control

Ergonomic Dog Scissors

Perfect For Grooming Paws

Micio Micia scissors are also perfect for grooming paws. Cutting fur between pads can quite challeneging, especially when your dog has fur sticking out between his or her toes every which way. With our ball tipped scissors you can trim them up and leave your pooch with gorgeous looking paws!


Handle: Fine PP plastic handle with non-slip TPR rubber grip
Blade: High quality stainless-steel blades
Total length: 6 inches (15.5cm)
Blade length: 2 inches (5.1cm)

Our ball tipped dog grooming scissors are available for purchase exclusively on

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dog grooming scissors amazon