About Us

About us? Well,………… we are really about you and your pets.

We don’t try to provide everything to every pet owner. We just want to provide you with a product you’ll trust and enjoy using. And As a brand, Micio Micia seeks to provide the best quality and most affordable dog grooming scissors for you, the home groomer.

We know that as a pet owner, you want to provide the best care for your pets. For us, it means scouring quality grooming scissors that we can offer to you at a price that you feel is fair. We know you don’t want to go cheap on your pets, but we understand that your can’t spend hundreds of dollars on a single pair of dog grooming scissors.

Why Purchase From Us?

After speaking to many dog owners, home groomers, dog show enthusiast and professional groomers we came to understand that:

Scissors can be dangerous. Grooming your dog is like trying to cut hair on a moving target. Even very well train dogs will act unpredictably. For this reason, we designed our products to have ball tipped or blunt ends.

Hand scissor grooming can lead to fatigue. We learnt from professional groomers that grooming 8 to 10 dogs a day with heavy professional grooming scissors leads to fatigue. We learnt that expensive professional scissors are often heavy and uncomfortable to use.  Our grooming scissors are light, have comfortable rings and an ergonomic wave handle to provide comfort and eliminate fatigue.

Sharp Blades With Micro Serrated Edges

Our blades are made from quality stainless steel and are very sharp. Dull blades will often result in pulled hair, painful for your pooch. Not our scissors. Our blades have micro serrated edges – very fine grooves machined into the cutting edges of your scissors to grip the hair when cutting. And the cutting tension of the scissors can be easily adjusted with the tension adjustable screw.  

micro serrated dog grooming scissors


2 Year Money Back Guarantee

All our scissors come with a 2 year money back guarantee. For what ever reason, if you are not happy with your pair of Micio Micia scissors we will refund your purchase.

Sold Exclusively On Amazon.com

Our Micio Micia scissors are sold exclusively on Amazon.com